History and Significance of Kaftans

The kaftan, also known as a caftan, often resembles a loose shirt or top worn as a coat or overdress. It usually has long sleeves is often available in ankle length. It can be worn with a sash and is made of velvet, wool, cashmere, silk, or cotton. Since its invention by the Mesopotamian culture, the kaftan has been worn and adapted by many different cultures. Depending on the weather, Kaftans are sometimes worn as a light, loose-fitting garment. In various cultures, the kaftan has been used as a representation of nobility. For instance, the sultans of the Ottoman Empire wore kaftans. The decorations, colors, designs, sashes, and buttons all served as indicators of the recipient's rank. The various kaftan-like clothes that later appeared throughout civilization had their own distinctive regional designs and names. Nowadays, you can easily procure designer Kaftans online.

Thus, the kaftan or caftan is a simplistic outfit that has been worn by people for countless years. These kaftans can be simple, striped, or well embellished; they can be a simple commoner's clothing or a gorgeous robe befitting a sultan.

Long connected with Islamic culture, kaftan for women rose to popularity in the West in the late 1960s and early 1970s when interest in casual clothing and ethnic fashions made it a popular Bohemian style and a symbol of the hippie movement. Hand block printed kaftans are loose, comfy clothes that provide both simplicity and appeal. They are luxurious and comfortable and basic but exotic all at the same time.

The classic, traditional kaftans of the Middle East and Africa are long and opulent, made of vibrant rich fabrics, and decorated with intricate embroidery, lovely patterns, and stunning highlights.  The garment has  seen a number of fashion evolutions over time. These elegant, high-end kaftans perfectly combine traditional principles with contemporary fashion. The contemporary kaftan is a loose-fitting, light-weight tunic-style garment, although the majority of kaftans are long and layered, with flowy, flaring designs, long sleeves, and modest necklines. Although printed kaftans have gained popularity due to their informal, relaxed look and versatility, embroidery still plays a significant role in kaftan design.


Kaftan for women remained popular during the 1970s, a decade that saw the introduction of new-style synthetic fibers and vibrantly patterned fabrics. The most fashionable garments during this period were tent-like kaftans with intricate patterns and vibrant colors created from materials like Crimplene. The kaftan was worn for socializing at home and by the rebellious youth who were following the hippy movement and experiencing for the first time the exotic delights of international travel.

In the 1990s the kaftan made a comeback and was in style again after a brief down period, all thanks to the hard work of some brilliant designers. People started seeking out kaftans again for occasional and regular use. The essence of every Kaftan for women remains style and user comfort, which is why it is a favorite among all women.

Modern Kaftan


Because of its elegance, this graceful, timeless clothing can be worn to any social event. Because of their regal and luxurious look, kaftans can be utilized as evening gowns or evening dresses. This versatile attire is no longer limited to specific Arabic women as a traditional and demure outfit. Thanks to its contemporary design and appearance, this clothing has gained popularity on the global fashion scene. There is a kaftan for every event, from weddings to beach outings. In recent years, kaftans have become one of the most widely worn summer garments worldwide. If you want to expand your collection of lavish cotton Kaftans, there is no shortage of options, from colorful and bold colors to delicate pastels, from fitting to loose and short to long garments and from intricate motifs to floral or abstract prints. This multipurpose garment is something that every woman needs to own. Choose your preferred style of designer Kaftans online and get ready to leave the world strikingly impressed by your beauty and fashion sense.

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