Home decor


It is simpler than it seems to put together a residence that makes visitors feel at home as soon as they walk through the door. It is not necessary to completely redecorate every room. Instead, changing up some of the decor and adding a little texture in each room, such as some beautiful cushions and cushion covers, bed linen, table linen, soft blankets, a number of artificial plants, etc. can make your home appear warmer and more inviting. The goal is to make your residence feel more lived-in, comfortable, and welcoming. 

Here are some handy interior decor tips to make your home look more comfortable and inviting -

Pick the Right Texture 

Texture is one of the simplest ways to make your home more inviting. Surround yourself with items that you want to make contact with. It is simple to incorporate plush carpets, wavy wallpaper, or smooth wooden furniture into a modern space to make it feel more relaxed and comfortable. Additionally, when working with a large space, the right use of texture and fabric can soften the scale and create the much-desired feeling of coziness, making the room look more beautiful and welcoming.

Choose the Best Cushion Covers

Designer cushion covers

Cushion covers are unquestionably a necessary part of your living room and homes. A cushion without a cover is hard to imagine. Buying designer cushion covers online for your cushion unquestionably gives a cushion the best possible feel, level of comfort, and aesthetic that is soothing to the eyes. As a result, every household prefers to purchase high-quality cushion covers. The first and most important consideration when selecting a decorative cushion cover is the look you want to achieve. Before you start looking for cushion covers, decide whether you want a traditional look, a retro feel, or something more contemporary.

You can concentrate on the cushion covers' design once you've chosen the overall look you want to achieve. You can shop cushion covers online at Shahenaz to avail the best varieties and designs.

Choose Beautiful Artificial Plants and Flowers

Pink Blossom Flower Bouquet Table Arrangement

Artificial and aesthetic indoor plants and flower vases not only add a splash of color to a room, but they also make it appear more relaxed and happy. They not only give us a connection to nature that we frequently lack in cities, but they also promote calm, can lessen stress and fatigue, and can even improve mood. They can help a lot in achieving a cozy feeling at home because of their exquisite colors and patterns.

Choose the Right Table Linen

Printed Table Mats

Gajgamini Printed Table Mats

It is commonplace, necessary, and often goes unnoticed by the more important elements on a table, but table linen is the unsung hero of your dining experience and home decor, quietly hanging in the background. Tablecloths, runners, and napkins, are in fact exactly what you require to enhance your well-chosen kitchenware and the elegant dining table that attracts attention at the formal occasions you host.

Choose the Right Bed Linen 

 Cotton Muslin Quilt

Gulika Paisley Blue Cotton Muslin Quilt

It is crucial to pay attention to the bed linen because that is where you hope to find comfort while you rest, even as we take the time to model the rest of the house with color and decor. The bed linen you choose must be stunning and attractive, not only for you but also for others, in order to set the appearance and feel of your room. Bed linen  should be purchased or made to complement the structure, theme, and color scheme of your room. Create the desired interior by combining traditional and modern elements on your bed linens. Additionally, bed linens in solid colors are very elegant and go with any type of room decor. Each person has a different preference for bed linen material, but it must feel good against your skin. If you want something soft and lightweight, cotton sheets are the best choice. Cotton is a breathable and soft fabric that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Not only are cotton linens durable, but they also get better with time. Hand-block printed bedsheets, cotton muslin dohar, quilts, etc. can make for good choices of bed linen.

Thus, by using these tips to buy the best table linen, artificial plants, and bed linen like buying pillow covers online along with bedsheets, quilts, dohars, etc,  you can make your home look more warm, comfortable and welcoming.