Your wardrobe expresses not just your fashion style but also your personality and who you are as an individual. It is a reflection of you. As such, it is important to have the best clothes in your closet. And what better than real and original Indian ethnic wear? I think we can all agree that there is no sight more stunning than a woman wearing traditional Indian wear. It gives you that special oomph factor while adding a fine touch of elegance and class to your look. This makes Indian ethnic a must-have in your closet. Here are the top 5 ethnic dresses online your wardrobe needs to become just perfect! Handcrafted and sustainable options should definitely be your go to choice.

 1) A Simple Kurti

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 A simple cotton Kurti is a must-have in your closet for all types of occasions. You can pair it with leggings, a palazzo, a salwar, or a chudidar and also mix and match it up with a pair of jeans. It can be worn for formal and informal events and is very convenient to wear and use. It is also very comfy to wear, especially in summer as it helps to keep you cool and prevent sweating. Don’t forget to fill your wardrobe with all the gorgeous Kurtis you can find. Cotton Kurtis are the most preferred Kurtis as suits well in Indian Climate Soft Cotton Mul kurtis are a signature of Shahenaz collection.

2) Hand-printed Indian tops

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 Women’s clothing is always evolving and adapting. A new type of variety, that is hand-printed Indian tops for women made in a traditional style, along the lines of a kurti, is fast becoming popular among the ladies. It is trendy and has a unique design involving hand-printed designs that will help you stand out and look the prettiest in a crowd. Opting for these tops will be one of the wisest fashion choices you make! Block printed tops have its timeless elegance for every age group.

3) One Piece Traditional Dress

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 A full-length one-piece Indian traditional dress is one of the best things to have in a girl’s wardrobe. It goes well for formal events requiring full-length dresses, festivals, for official work, and can also be adapted to a modern style look. You can wear it with or without leggings and a dupatta. These dresses come in all sorts of colors, designs, and patterns in cotton, nylon, viscose, and various other materials. Pick the one best suited to your taste! When you buy online Indian dresses like these are some of the best products available on fashion websites!

4) Indo-Western Kimonos

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 While the traditional kimonos for women are originally from Japan, they have now been adapted to the Indian style and can be paired with a stylish kurti, a top or worn independently for a chic traditional look. This is a very unique and remarkable type of clothing that can significantly enhance your wardrobe with its special designs and bright colors and make you look your best and feel confident!

5) A Kaftan

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 A kaftan is a type of variant or subtype of the tunic and robe and is usually available in full length and size with big wide sleeves and a free-flowing dress material printed or embroidered with various unique and alluring designs. It is extremely comfortable to wear and helps the user to have full freedom of movement and mobility and provides a nice refreshing change from your typical conventional ethnic wear.

 To buy Kurti online is to articulate the Indian root to your closet in the poshest and classy way. A lot of women tend to buy Kurti online in India since it saves them time and Kurtis are always the perfect attire for a wide range of gatherings.

 Buying women’s Kurtis online is an excellent idea. Whether you’re looking for comfortable loungewear or stylish outfits for those endless video conferences, there’s something for every occasion. Be it  an A-line Kurtas,  Anarkali Kurtas, Short Kurtas, Straight Kurtis, short tops etc. Shahenaz encompasses a wide range of kurta styles for every individual taste.

 Girls, make sure your wardrobes are filled with these chosen top 5 Indian ethnic dresses for all occasions and purposes to achieve the ultimate fashion game. Shop with Shahenaz now to buy all these exquisite wear and more!