At the end of a long day, we all yearn for a comfy sleep, and that comfort comes from a warm cotton quilt blanket. However, nothing beats the comfort and warmth of Shahenaz's 'Bagh E Meena Cotton Muslin Quilt.' These quilts feature two outer layers adorned with exquisite hand block prints, created by skilled artisans. Its classic leaf design in a serene beige and pink colour combination adds a touch of elegance to your slumber. Dive deeper into the world of quilted cotton razai and discover how to care for these treasures.

1. What is quilted Cotton Razai?

A quilted cotton Razai, also known as a Jaipuri razai, is a beautiful blend of tradition and comfort. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Jaipur, India, these cotton quilt blankets offer warmth and a deep emotional connection to India's rich heritage. Wrapping yourself in one is like receiving a warm, cultural embrace every night on your cotton quilt double bed.

2. What type of cotton is used in Shahenaz quilts?

Unlike thick single-layer blankets, our quilts consist of three layers. Crafted from soft, comfortable cotton muslin, they feature a hand-fluffed carded cotton layer sandwiched in between, providing that extra warmth for those cozy nights. Shahenaz uses cotton as it not only offers the perfect warmth but also ensures durability, creating designer quilts that stand the test of time. Every time you see a stylish quilt by Shahenaz your heart dances to the rhythm of nature's grandeur.


3. What is the weight of Shahenaz’s double-bed quilt?

In the world of cozy comfort, Shahenaz double bed Quilts carry a weight of 2.5 kg. But beyond the numbers, they bear the weight of your dreams, wrapping you in a warm, emotional embrace every night. With Shahenaz, you're not just getting artistic quilt designs; you're receiving a promise of comfort, security, and peaceful slumber.

4. How to wash a quilt?

To preserve the quality and love in your handmade designer quilts, hand wash them gently, avoid chlorine bleach, and never tumble dry. If needed, trust them to the care of a professional dry cleaner. Keep your traditional block print quilts cozy and cherished for many more heartwarming nights.


Shahenaz's 'Bagh E Meena Cotton Muslin Quilt' is a heartfelt blend of tradition, comfort, and elegance. With exquisite hand block prints and a timeless leaf design, these stylish quilts transform your slumber into an art form. Choose Shahenaz for a promise of enduring comfort, tradition, and beauty.