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Quilts and cushion covers are crucial parts of home decor that significantly beautify our homes. A quilt is a three-layered bed cover with a top, batting, and backing. The top layer is made up of several layers of fabric pieces that have been stitched together in artistic patterns. Quilting is an  art form that involves stitching. The second layer, or batting, is filled with down feathers, cotton, or wool to form a thin inner layer, and the backing is made of a single piece of fabric. During the winter, a quilt is used as a blanket topper to add extra warmth and comfort. People who want to add a rustic touch to their bedroom prefer to purchase this bedding.

One of the most effective ways to decorate a room  involves choosing the right cushion covers.

The right cushion covers can make a world of difference in your living space by bringing harmony and elevating the decor of your home. Here are some of the best quilts and cushion covers you can choose to complete the look of your home!

Cushion covers -

 Classic red cushion cover with gold prints 


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Red and gold always go well together, and you can never go wrong with choosing a classic red cushion cover embroidered with golden prints to enhance the look of your bedsheets and furniture. The colors make a bold and shiny statement that will make your room stand out in a stunning manner! Silk and satin material cushion covers with these colors often give the best look.

Violet Purple Cushion Cover 

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This is a unique combination of lovely and calming colors that will significantly beautify and liven up the decor of your room. Violet and blue hues give off serene vibes and stand out in a soft and subtle way. Cushion covers of this color in satin or viscose will not only complement your home decor but also complete the look of your room!

Cushion covers printed with Bollywood designs

Cushion covers printed

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What is better than a custom made, personalized cushion printed with designs of your favorite Bollywood movies and actors? Purchasing and decorating your home with these cushion covers will give it a special and unique look, that you can show off to guests and also take personal pride over as you constantly get to keep your favorite actors and movies right next to you! Choose bright and catchy colors to brighten up your room with a quirky and stylish look!

Cushion covers with geometric designs 

Cushion covers

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Cushion covers adorned with geometric designs in various color combinations make for a beautiful sight. Geometric designs look really chic and attractive on any surface, particularly bedsheets and home furnishings. Pink, orange rust and blue turquoise combined with whites will make these designs look more appealing. Make sure to purchase this product and beautify the overall look of your room!


Quilts work as a fine decor for your room and also as a great sleeping aid to keep you comfortable and warm whilst you sleep after a tiring day of work. Various types of quilts and duvet covers such as muslin quilts and Jaipuri Razai are famous in the market for their comfort and fine quality. Here are some of the quilts you can choose to complete the look and feel of your room- 

White Muslin Quilt With Floral Prints 

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A fine white muslin quilt with pink or red floral prints will enhance the overall cozy and comfortable vibes of your room and also help you sleep peacefully. In the cold days of winter, this quilt will function as a source of warmth and peace for you tuck in and be safe from the harsh freezing weather!

 Pink Cotton Muslin Quilt

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A pink cotton muslin quilt with beautiful whimsical or natural designs in combinations with white, blue or other complementary colors will significantly enhance the look of your bed and room. During the cold winter vacation, this quilt will be perfect for providing warmth, comfort and security all while enriching the aesthetics of your room.

Maroon and Blue Cotton Muslin Quilt 

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A unique color combination which exudes warm and calm vibes. This quilt will match your bed and room decor and give it a beautiful unconventional look. It will be the perfect quilt to lay out to show off to your guests and visitors when they visit you during the winter vacation months!

Red Marigold Print Cotton Quilt 

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 Marigold prints look extremely gorgeous on quilts, more so in warm red hues. A red marigold printed cotton quilt will not only keep you comfy and protect you from the winter chills but also go well with your room and home decor. It will also help you get a peaceful night’s sleep, surrounded by safe and secure warmth.

Thus, choose these quilt sets and cushion covers to decorate your room and watch them add life and beauty to your home!