India is known for its richness in textiles and it is peerless. The country be- ing home to variety of climatic conditions provides a range of natural fibers and dyes that can be used for printing, dyeing and weaving. India has the third largest area under cotton cultivation in the world and has supplied it for years. Hand block printing is an ancient and a vast textile art form in India that promotes sustainability. Hand block printing is mostly done on natural fabrics like cotton and the processes required in the making involve sustain- able practices. This environmental friendly ancient textile art reduces water and energy consumption and leaves a comparatively lesser carbon footprint. India’s finest cotton are known as the ‘woven winds’ because of its lightness and breathability. Block prints is one the strongest trends for summers and its comfort and the breathability factor makes it a win-win use for everyone during the summers.

The impression that fashion has embedded in the society is enormous. Fashion, a dominant constituent, along with the in- troduction of sustainable practices to the fashion industry has created an uproar. The use of sustainable practices are often forgotten by fast fashion brands as people are behind new sea- sonal trend driven products that targets certain customers. The repeated pattern of people buying, using and disposing clothes have major impacts on the environment, economy and the so- cial equity. Some of the harmful impacts are water consumption, waste accumulation, the usage of chemicals that affects all life forms. Fashion industry is considered to be the second largest polluter in the world after the oil industry and its future depends upon the sustainable practices that we do today.