The best kind of table decor is the one you can set during Eid. Bring together the fusion of contemporary and traditional table covers to make this Eid a joyful occasion. The fun, creative table decor ideas for an Iftar party or an Eid party table décor with elegant table covers are sure to impress not only the family members but also the guests. The important thing is that there are more types of table cover options from which you can choose.

A Crisp Palm Tree Printed Table Cover

Palm trees and their fruits are an integral part of the Eid festival, so choosing a Palm Tree Printed Table Cover aesthetic table cloth will give you the natural feel of taking the Eid party. Along the table cover, keep fruits and flowers to bring in your own personal touch for a dinner table for this Eid. So, while searching for a table cover, also look for the best table mats that suit the tablecloth.

Embroidery Silk Table Cover

Silk table cover textures and embroideries that is inspired by crafts & culture along the Silk Route can be great addition to your dining in this Eid. This embroidery table cover on silk, brings understated detail to this fine table cloth. Match the table with a grey tableware. This setting works not only during Eid but all year around. You can look for this design at table mats and runners online.

A Deep, Rich Color Scheme

If you would rather set your table in a richer color scheme, then Azariah Sky Blue Printed Cotton Table Cover could be the best you can find this Eid. This luxury dining table cover adds elegance to your table and improves your table settings. On top of the table cloth, you can add a dining table runner to keep the fruits and other items, and in cups, you can add Eid dessert.

A Bright and Playful Table Cover

Unleash your creativity on the set table by decorating it with a Tara Block Printed Cotton Slub Table Cover which would add to delight your loved ones in this Eid. This unique and colourful table cloth is sure to create many interesting topics of conversation at the table during the festival season. This table cloth design is playful and welcoming and is the perfect setting for Eid celebrations, birthday celebrations, and more.

An Extravagant Iftar Party

Impress your guests with this extravagant Classic Robin Printed Table Cover for a colorful tea Inftar party. With colorful pops and playful details, this extravagant table cloth is the best thing you can have this Eid month. Add fancy table runners to keep the tea or coffee cups.

Final thoughts

The dining table, living room table, and other table surfaces can be adorned with the best dining table mats and covers from Shahenaz, which are made from 100% pure and hand-spun cotton slub. If you are looking for the best table covers, table mats, or table runner online india, Shahenaz is the best place you can choose.